As previously mentioned, I’ve been reading stories to Iver from The House at Pooh Corner, but I confess that I haven’t actually read him the first book. I have this set:

so we’ve been reading the orange one, but I keep telling him that we really should be reading the pink one. I read them to Catie when she was pregnant and at some point misplaced the pink one, but today it was found. Apparently when we went through all our books last fall it ended up in our general library, not back in its proper Pooh box. Oh bother.

Oh and yes, after many, many years of not blogging I have returned. I first started a blog, if you can call it that, back in college. It was full of nonsense and poorly homemade out of some perl CGI scripts, so as life filled up with competing demands I abandoned it some years back. Now that Iver is old enough to be fairly interactive I was once again looking for a place to record and share longer form stories about our lives, and while Facebook is great for admiring pictures of your friends’ kids and Twitter is a great place to chuckle at snark, there’s something unique about the humble independent weblog that I missed. I also started doing some hobby electronics stuff and want to post a record of those projects in case they were useful to anyone else.

So: basics. We are three-and-a-dog. I make software during the day. The wife is Catie and maybe she’ll post occasionally. She works part time at our church Genesis Covenant. The child is Iver and he is three and a half. He will go to preschool in the fall. The dog is called Stella and she came to be with us via the Second Chance Rescue as one of a litter of pups found on the Standing Rock reservation. She’s some kind of Shepherd mix and enjoys a couple days a week at the local doggy day care Mutt Nuts. She’s about 6 months old. We’ve had her since she was 12 weeks and she’s a wonderful addition to our home.