A few days ago I started a meaningless Facebook group called Grouper McGroupface because the future is private and/or I wanted to make polls for my friends to fill out. One such poll was about ice cream cones:

A few years ago I bought a pack of ice cream cones at the grocery store on a whim. Seemed like it would be fun to watch Iver shove his face into, probably. But I found that I really liked eating ice cream from a cone at home. There are many benefits! I will list them now:

  • No need for a clean bowl or spoon
  • No dishes to wash after consumption of the ice cream
  • It’s fun to pack the interior of the cone before putting perfect spheres stacked on top
  • The ice cream is licked
  • The cone tastes good
  • That part at the bottom of the cone where all the melted ice cream is
  • The cone is crunchy, a nice contrast to the soft ice cream

Probably the biggest difference is the licking. Normally when I eat ice cream with a spoon I put a bit in my mouth and kind of half chew it, and then down it goes. Licking makes the ice cream last longer.

Anyway, all that to say that after making the poll and seeing the results and comments, I realized I had a pretty strong opinion on the matter, despite it being just about the most unimportant aspect of my life. So be warned: this may be the first post in a series of posts detailing hills upon which I would die defending.