I had a particularly lengthy off-hours stint of work on Saturday, so I decided to take today off to make up for it. Iver found a pamphlet somewhere yesterday extolling the virtues of Minneapolis. Included in the pamphlet were some pictures of water fountains, so he’s been talking non-stop about going to visit one. Being mid-April in Minnesota, of course none of the fountains around here are operational. But I wasn’t 100% sure, and thought it would be a fun diversion, so we got in the car and headed out to find a fountain.

While in the car I prepped him for the reality that it very likely won’t be turned on (“does it have a water switch?”) but that if it wasn’t, we could go somewhere else to look at a waterfall instead. I don’t know that he knows what a waterfall is, but he seemed okay with the idea.

So we drove over to Loring Park to see if the Berger Dandelion Fountain was on (no), and then headed down to Minnehaha Falls.  

He was very interested in where the water came from, the Pavilion (“can we get breakfast from that breakfast place?” “No. It’s noon and they have seafood, not breakfast.”), and the various other structures around the park. We had a great time.


After we made our way back home and had some lunch, it was rest time. I told him to go on upstairs and get ready while I finished eating, and once I did I came upon this site:

Note that the headphones (“muffles” according to him) aren’t plugged into anything. He’s just the best.