Note: schlazathon 2021 officially ended on December 13, 2021, but I do have a few wallets remaining. You’re more than welcome to contribute and I’ll do my best to send you a print, but it may not be your first choice. Thanks!

Hey there! Remember when I had my awesome photographer friend Betsy take pictures of me in my pandemic garb and then I mailed a bunch of you wallet prints and some gum? Check that link if you don’t recall. I had a blast hearing from many of you after you received your pictures, and if you were a recipient I hope it brightened your day.

It also encouraged me to look for other ways to be helpful In These Trying Times – providing a meal or care package to people having a hard time, donating to charities and GoFundMe campaigns, that sort of thing. And then Betsy was in town again a couple months ago, and folks, we did some more photographs.

walkin’ down the street to the hardcore beat while my JVC vibrates the concrete